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ChatGPT Opens New Era of AI Cross-Border

In November 2022, ChatGPT was released and launched, triggering a new round of AI boom. Different from the “Metaverse”, ChatGPT appears in the eyes of the public in the form of an entity, and brings answers to people’s questions through real dialogue and questions. This is another major breakthrough in the AI ​​world after AlphaGo . ChatGPT was launched five days ago, and its global users exceeded one million. Two months later, its monthly active users exceeded 100 million. Gradually, products based on the ChatGPT open source project began to appear, and more and more vertical tools were widely developed by people: chatbots, copy generators, email generators, etc. Google Trends data shows that the search volume of ChatGPT keywords has risen sharply since its appearance in November 2022, and there will be an exponential growth trend in January 2023. At this point, the Internet has opened the ChatGPT era, everything AI, and the working mode of human beings will change.

Data source Google Trends

As an open language model, ChatGPT has produced different chemical reactions with all walks of life, and cross-border e-commerce is no exception. ChatGPT is perfectly capable of cross-border keyword research, Listing writing, email marketing, SEO content output, etc. It can be said that ChatGPT has opened a new era of cross-border e-commerce!

What can ChatGPT do to help cross-border people?

ChatGPT is a large-scale language model developed by OpenAI that is trained on large amounts of text data to generate human-like responses to prompts, making it an excellent tool for content production. Therefore, as a cross-border e-commerce seller, you can use ChatGPT from the following perspectives to produce content and free your mind.

  1. Product Description

ChatGPT can generate highly localized copywriting in a short period of time, helping cross-border people quickly write product descriptions. And for the same product, ChatGPT can extend hundreds of unique content, helping cross-border sellers to easily implement matrix stores.

  1. Customer service reply

As a conversational language model, ChatGPT can easily provide responses to customer inquiries and complaints. Query customer-related questions in ChatGPT, and AI will generate a list of potential responses. These answers are excellent and can help sellers reduce text time consumption.

  1. Keyword research

Keyword research is an important part of cross-border e-commerce rankings. Excellent keywords contain a large number of user search behaviors, which bring huge traffic. Through ChatGPT, the process of cross-border seller research can be easily omitted. ChatGPT will give the core keywords with the largest search volume based on its own data analysis.

  1. Email Marketing

Email marketing is a common customer acquisition channel in cross-border industries, but the conversion rate is often very poor due to language problems. Using ChatGPT can easily solve this problem. It can produce content that best meets user requirements according to local conditions and maximize the conversion rate of emails.

  1. Marketing copywriting output

In the process of doing cross-border e-commerce, promotion inside and outside the site, and advertising purchases are indispensable parts. ChatGPT can realize the writing of blogs on the site, the production of social media copywriting, and even the polishing of advertising copywriting. It can be said that ChatGPT can greatly improve the speed of your marketing copy generation.

How to tame ChatGPT to become a cross-border “cheater”?

Since ChatGPT is an open language model, in the process of content production, there will always be deviations between the produced content and the ideal due to boundary problems. How to make ChatGPT, which has great potential but “spiritual intelligence is not yet developed”, produce the best results is common become the direction of people’s thinking. It is also this factor that makes ChatGPT “beast tamers” more and more. After tens of thousands of training sessions, the content produced by ChatGPT better meets market demand. Therefore, in the process of using ChatGPT, the “law of taming animals” becomes extremely important.

Let’s take the product description as an example to briefly familiarize yourself with the process of establishing the law of taming animals. Our step-by-step process of SEO content production requires ChatGPT to write high-quality product descriptions for us.

First ask ChatGPT to list 10 popular SEO keywords

Secondly, ChatGPT is required to use subtitles to write the 5 core advantages of the product

Finally, ChatGPT is required to combine the above requirements and write a 500-word product description

After the simple “taming” above, we can see that ChatGPT has well integrated SEO keywords and product advantages, and it is more in line with platform rules. Different needs are also different for ChatGPT. Users need to train their own ChatGPT in multiple ways according to their own needs, so as to get more satisfying results.

ChatGPT × cross-border e-commerce development prospect forecast

According to ProductHunt data, since the launch of ChatGPT, a variety of ChatGPT-based products have been developed rapidly, and quickly occupied the top three in the daily list in a short period of time. Judging from the Coming soon page of ProductHunt, the products that will be released in the next 7 days include no less than 10 products related to ChatGPT.

It is worth noting that there is also an obvious information prompt in the Google Trends trend data at the beginning of the article: the search volume of ChatGPT on weekends has dropped significantly, which is the iconic search tone of ToB keywords. Therefore, the ToB cross-border tool of ChatGPT × cross-border e-commerce is bound to spring up like mushrooms after rain, becoming the main force of a new generation of cross-border tools. Its development prospects can be mainly expanded into three directions:

  1. The rapid evolution of content to tools

ChatGPT’s excellent content production capabilities can help cross-border people quickly produce high-quality copywriting in a short period of time, such as Internet celebrity communication skills, Listing optimization, brand generation, email marketing, SEO content generation, on-site and off-site promotion, etc. Relying on its own powerful calculation examples, ChatGPT can generate a large amount of non-repetitive localized content in a short period of time, which is far beyond the reach of people. It is precisely because it has such typical cross-border advantages that it is bound to be repaired by major cross-border service providers in a short period of time to become a vertical cross-border content-oriented tool, and cross-border content-oriented tools will develop rapidly in a short period of time.

  1. Data analysis tools break ground

The importance of data analysis tools in the cross-border e-commerce industry is self-evident, and ChatGPT, relying on its powerful calculation examples and data processing capabilities, can propose the best improvement suggestions for existing data in a short period of time. Therefore, the use of ChatGPT for comment analysis, product idea generation, and product improvement (selection) suggestions will bring more broad ideas to cross-border people. Since data analysis tools need to rely on huge amounts of data information, the threshold for data analysis using ChatGPT is relatively higher. In the mid-term stage of ChatGPT AI popularity, data analysis tools should only be in their infancy, and will break ground in a certain period of time in the future.

  1. Integrated tools dominate the list

When the popularity of ChatGPT AI reaches the mid-to-late stage, the use of ChatGPT will be quite mature, and the “beast taming law” of “beast tamer” has achieved the optimal solution in integrated tools. At this time, the content-oriented + data analysis-oriented ToB category Integrated tools are bound to become industry giants. Through the content production + data analysis model, it is integrated into various e-commerce platforms at the same time, forming a comprehensive new cross-border e-commerce tool head product based on ChatGPT. So far, ChatGPT has successfully established the system structure of cross-border e-commerce, and cross-border e-commerce has also entered a new era of small team management mode.

The emergence of new technologies also means new opportunities for people. The use of new tools such as ChatGPT can improve work efficiency, and it also means that some low-level cross-border migrant workers are replaced by machines. Cross-border sellers need to devote more energy to important decisions such as understanding peers and market dynamics, analyzing competitors’ status, enhancing their own value, and cultivating cross-border thinking. These are irreplaceable by new tools such as ChatGPT.

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