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Games Like Zepeto Alternatives – All APKs Include

Zepeto is a 3D face-pinching app and Zepeto alternatives are getting interesting. Click to download Zepeto mod apk along with alternatives!

Zepeto is a 3D face-pinching app that competes with big tech companies betting billions of dollars to build virtual worlds as the metaverse craze hits. As early as 2018, Zepeto became popular because of its exquisite face pinching system, but its search popularity began to decline due to its low playability. However, with the rise of the Meta Metaverse, Zepeto has once again entered people’s sight. Although there is no strong traffic fluctuation before, it has solidified a stable enough user group.

ZEPETO Features

ZEPETO is developed by the Korean Internet company Naver, which also owns the popular social application Line in Japan, South Korea, Thailand and other countries.

In ZEPETO, we can shape our own shape, including hair, face, eyes, nose, mouth, etc., and each part has a lot of selection conditions, and even manually fine-tune each part, so that everyone can experience Pinch face fun. But the magic of ZEPETO is that the image it generates using the camera is very similar to you, and this cartoon villain can also do various actions, which is still very interesting.

What needs to be explained here is that if you want to customize the shape of your 3D cartoon image, you will have to spend money to buy a lot of things, such as certain hairstyles, certain accessories, certain clothing, shoes and socks. Moreover, the matching of these clothes is also very interesting. For example, even if you set the gender to be male, you can actually wear women’s clothes, and the effect is easy to achieve. In addition to setting the appearance of the characters, you can also add backgrounds, etc., which need to be purchased with gold coins.

ZEPETO is a social application, and naturally social functions are indispensable. You can set a nickname in ZEPETO, but adding friends does not match based on this nickname. ZEPETO will generate a code for you, you need to add friends or be added according to this code, the APP itself does not explain much about this, it is somewhat uncomfortable when you first get started. Once you’ve added friends, you can start chatting. Another magical part of ZEPETO is reflected here – the expressions are all generated with your 3D image, and there is an addictive feeling to play.

ZEPETO’s 3D graphics play and more. For example, when you make a 3D image, you can generate related photos, not only can you take pictures alone, but also take photos with friends! ZEPETO itself provides a lot of poses and props. For example, a single person can take pictures with a puppet, and two people can pose various couple poses, etc. These photos have also become rich materials for sharing on Facebook. Similarly, there are no restrictions on these poses, and it is completely possible for two boys or girls to pose as a couple together, with a full comedic effect.

ZEPETO APK 2022 Download for Free


Zepeto is a very interesting face pinching software. Great variety of pinch face expressions to choose easily! The new face pinching function creates a new cartoon image that belongs to you! Feel free to share to your Facebook! What are you waiting for? Come and download it! In this article, we provide the APK download function of ZEPETO, in addition to the version. It is worth noting that these versions are not developed by us, and are only used as an introduction in this article. If there are DMCA problems, please contact us to delete them in time.

Games Like Zepeto Alternatives


Dollify Android version is a face pinching sticker camera, similar to the ZEPETO camera. Dollify app has a super rich face pinching system, different facial features and clothing, skin color, color and hairstyle, to create your own exclusive avatar, I hope everyone likes it. Dollify for mobile forms a 3d anime image character based on your uploaded selfie, and you can add various decorations to yourself! Dollify for Android has more than 14 different categories to choose the category you like, and then freely drag and drop the elements you like to create a unique image.

With many rich different elements and modes, the Dollify app can also freely choose colors, clothing, etc. according to personal preferences, creating infinite possibilities. The Dollify software allows you to create a variety of different image shapes, as well as a variety of different expressions, symbols, texts, etc., to make your characters more moving and lovely. Dollify is one of the best alternatives to ZEPETO!

Club Cooee 3D Avatar Chat

At Magic Leap’s first developer conference, L.E.A.P, a company released the AR social app “Avatar Chat”, which allows users to customize their avatars and share a scene with friends as avatars. And the virtual avatar can make corresponding actions according to the movements of your eyes, mouth, hands and position, making you and your friends feel as convenient as face-to-face communication.

The app is fairly easy to set up, and like most traditional social media tools, you can customize your username and add information like email addresses. Next, and the most important part, is to customize your own virtual avatar, a virtual character (including head, shoulders and hands) that can match actual movements. This means that when you turn around and shake your head, the avatar behaves accordingly. There is currently no noticeable response delay in this app, so it is feasible to use this tool to conduct remote conversations.

It is worth mentioning that Magic Leap One allows users to record videos and share them instantly on YouTube or Twitter. But when the video is too large, the system upload will have problems. Generally, the meeting lasts for more than 30 minutes, so uploading may not be possible. So when it comes to saving and recalling important memories, the current limitations can become a problem.

In short, “Avatar Chat” opens the door to AR social. The creation of avatars is knocking on our digital doors with the diversification of social ways. This technology is developing at an unimaginable speed and gradually permeating various fields. This not only brings convenience to our work and life, but also more entertainment.

Pinky Girl: Dress up daily

Pinky girl is a dress up game that allows you to wear your favorite outfit for the current character. There are many skirts and various outfits in the game for you to use, very girly, and the whole game is pink Tender, so that you can feel how powerful a girl’s heart is. Use your own imagination to bless your character dress up, come and download.

Pinky girl features

1. The game has almost endless costumes for you to use to match your little girl.

2. There are no restrictions, all kinds of small accessories allow you to use them freely.

3. The high-quality interface adopts a simple design, allowing you to design your various outfits through immersive play.

4. The excellent score is scored according to the richness of your clothing and each beauty point. If you want a high score, you need to wear more clothes.

Pinky girl highlights

1. You can dress up beautifully every day, allowing you to complete the clothing matching requirements of each level.

2. All kinds of clothing will be updated in real time, so that you can keep up with the trend of the times, and accept the challenge as a royal coordinator.

3. The rich level design allows you to use different styles of clothes to complete the matching to obtain level point rewards.

4. Support online battles, so you need to compete with other players on the same stage to see who has the best outfits.

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